Plains game is the most popular hunt that is conducted in Africa. Most of these safaris take place in South Africa and typically range from 8 -12 days. In this time period you will have the opportunity to hunt as many as 25 different species. Most hunters take 6 – 10 animals while on a plains game safari.

You will have the opportunity to take a variety of plains game animals on your dangerous game hunts as well. There are many species of plains game to hunt, and it can take many safaris to different regions to hunt all of them. They range from the boot sized Blue Duiker to the 2,500 pound Eland. Some are herd animals and some are more solitary. The hunting is mostly spot and stalk or tracking. The amount of species, differing habitats, and geographical ranges can keep a dedicated hunter busy for a lifetime. With the plains game animals, the horns and skins come in all shapes, colors, and styles.

All of the antelope in Africa have true horns; they grow throughout the animal’s life.

Bring your favorite scoped .30 caliber rifle and 3 boxes of quality soft point, heavier bullets are preferred. These safaris present a great opportunity to bring along your hunting buddies, father, son, wife, children, and even non-hunting observers. This is a great way to experience Africa and have a great hunting trip and vacation all rolled into one. The cost is comparable to a guided elk or bear hunt – the experience is much better! You get to shoot 10 times the animals with great accommodation and food.

Please browse the photo gallery to see images of the plains game animals that are available for you to hunt.

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