Tanzania is the premier destination for wilderness hunting adventures. We hunt remote concessions teeming with wildlife uninfluenced by man in most situations. We have multiple areas that we are hunting/managing in Tanzania. All of the areas in Tanzania are free ranging, wilderness areas owned by the government and leased by hunting companies for a 5 year term. The Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania is the largest uninhabited wilderness left in Africa and we can take you hunting there. We also have concessions in the Rungwa ecosystem, notably the best area in Africa for Lion. Other areas that we hunt include Maasiland as well as western Tanzania. Tanzania has it all and we have access to the right areas.

Our areas are prime territory for a full bag safari (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and plains game). We specialize in cats and have the best success rate on mature male cats in the industry.

Tanzania is regarded as the best hunting in Africa. Basically every safari includes the hunting of at least one dangerous game animal. This type of East African Safari is a real adventure and a great experience. Remote camps and large hunting areas provide our client with great safaris. We have excellent success on cats and buffalo in Tanzania, there are also many specialized plains game that are found only in Tanzania. This is truly a hunter’s paradise. Our camps are remote but very comfortable – inclusive of a full camp staff at your service (chef, waiter, laundry attendant, cleaning staff, and labourers) and a well trained hunting crew to see to your needs in the bush (professional hunter, trackers, driver, and skinners). We handle every detail of your safari – all we need is a client that is ready to experience old Africa and a real adventure!

The Selous Game Reserve is the largest uninhabited wild area in Africa. To get into or concessions most clients will fly in on a small charter plane from Dar es Salam. Road transfers are possible, but very timely. The animals that we hunt in the Selous with high success rate if pursued are: Buffalo, Leopard, Lion, Croc, Hippo, Hyena, Impala, Hartman Zebra, Lichtenstein Hartebeest, Niassa Wildebeest, Warthog, Baboon, Eland, Elephant, Bushbuck, and Sable. The hunting is done by spot and stalk or by tracking.

The Rungwa area and ecosystem is known for producing quality big manned lion. The animals that we hunt here with a high rate of success are Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Large Leopard, Sable, Roan, Lesser Kudu, Greater Kudu, Burchelles Zebra, Impala, Baboon, Warthog, Dik-Dik, Duiker, and Bushbuck. We are very successful on the cats in this area over a 21 day hunt and the quality is great. To get to our Rungwa areas you will arrival into Arusha Tanzania, be greeted by our staff, spend one night in a 5 star hotel, and transfer to camp early the next morning via private charter or vehicle.

You will fly to Tanzania on KLM most likely. You will transit through Amsterdam and have to apply for a rifle transit document ahead of time. You will purchase your visa for Tanzania at the airport. The form is there for you to fill out, then stand in line and give it to the official with your passport. The visa cost $100. A member of our staff will meet you at the airport and escort you through the rifle import process – he will have all your documents ahead of time and take care of everything at the airport. You will overnight and transfer to the hunting area the next day. Our staff will transport you to and from the airports and arrange your overnight accommodation. He is available to help with all matters.

Your travel documents should include: passport, copy of Netherlands rifle transit document, customs 4457 form, airline itinerary, invitation by Tanzanian company, shipping instructions for your trophies from your taxidermist. I have found it a good idea to have a file with all of these documents in my carry-on, have an extra copy of your customs 4457 form and your passport. I put a copy of any gun documents and my passport in my gun case where they are easily found by airport officials if needed. Please scan and email me a copy of your passport.

Dangerous game requires a .375 minimum. A heavier caliber may be desired for elephant and a lighter caliber for plains game. Bring solid and soft bullets for each rifle. We suggest that you have a 3 -9 power scope with high quality detachable mounts (then you can use the open sights for follow or for close quarters shooting). I prefer Swift A-Frame soft or Bares X for my soft points, and Barnes Banded Monolithic Solids for my solid points. High quality bullets are a must for Africa and dangerous game. Please practice shooting off hand and from shooting sticks. Shooting distances will vary but are normally around 100 – 150 yards. Elephant are shot at less than 40 yards. Cats are shot at approximately 70 yards. Buffalo are shot at less than 100 yards. Plains game can be shot as far 250 yards but are typically taken from 175 yards and closer. Be familiar with your rifle and know how to use it effectively.

Large Safari style tents are the normal accommodation in the camp. We have electricity from a generator and hot and cold showers with a flush toilet. You will be able to charge your electrical devises in camp. The camp is well staffed with drivers, mechanics, waiters, cooks, trackers, and skinners. Laundry is done every day and any special request will be met if possible – please arrange any special requests in advance. We use satellite phones for communication and HF radios to communicate with the home office in Arusha on a daily basis. The food is good, the camp is clean and comfortable and the hunting is great. Malaria prophylactics are required as well as a yellow fever vaccination. Consult your physician on this.

Please pack light and bring varied gear and clothes. There is no need for too many of the same items. All outer clothing should be dark brown or green. Most clients pack 3 pants (any combo of light weight khakis or jeans or camo pants – whatever you want to hunt in), 1 shorts, 6 tops (varied with 3 light weight button downs, 3 other shirts for hunting, 5 socks, 5 underwear, light Jacket, hat, hiking boots (light weight and comfortable with quality socks to prevent blisters), sandals or tennis shoes or both. Sandals can be nice to have around camp and the tennis shoes can be use to hunt in or around camp. A small knife, flashlight or head lamp, chapstick, eye drops, sunglasses, gloves (leather hand with mesh back is best), sunscreen, bug repellent, ammo belt, small day pack, binoculars, camera, and any other small hunting/personal items your require.

The temperature is warm and will average above 80. It is a dry climate and staying hydrated is important. The sun is intense and long sleeves, sunscreen and a hat are needed. Mornings can be cool and a light jacket is also needed. Malaria is in the area and precaution should be taken. Teste Flies are in the areas and a light weight bug suit of mesh can be a good idea. Rain is not likely during the main hunting season July – October. Rain is possible during November – March. A small travel poncho is a good idea to pack for the regular season, for the late season a proper rain Jacket is better.

Your Safari needs to be paid for in advance with a Trophy Fee deposit down on your main animals. Any money not used will be refunded to you. Please note that tipping the staff is the norm in African hunting camps. It is obviously up to the client to decide if and how much to tip the person but plan accordingly. Tips for the staff and Professional Hunter are typically done in USD.

Your trophies will be skinned and salted in camp then transported to the shipping agent as soon as possible. Bring instructions from your taxidermist, many of the taxidermist supply you with trophy tags as well. The Tanzanian shipping company will contact you for payment when required. The remainder of your trophy fee amount will need to be paid to the government with 10 days of the conclusion of your hunt. This is why a deposit is necessary, any amount over you deposit will need to be transferred to us immediately upon arrival in the USA.

Species – Lion Leopard Buffalo Crocodile hippo and many plains game. You will not find a better place to hunt cats. Tanzania also offers special plains game that are rare and hard to find in other countries – lesser kudu, gazelles, roan, sable, gerenuk, topi and dikdik to name a few.

Accommodation- East African style luxury tented camps. Individual accommodations with private bathroom and shower (hot and cold running water). We offer breakfast cooked to order and a picnic lunch in the field followed by a three course dinner and drinks in the evenings.

Hunting season – from July 1 to December 31