Best known for its great plains game hunting. Our privately owned hunting concessions and lodges are conducive to both serious hunters and vacationing families. Plains game safaris are affordable and South Africa has many species available for hunting. It is not uncommon for a first time safari hunter to shoot fifteen species on a safari.

The ease of logistics and modern day conveniences make South Africa a prime destination for many first time safari hunters and experienced African sportsmen alike. Many camps have cell phone service, satellite TV and wireless internet available.

With the greatest variety of animals available for hunting in any one country, South Africa has developed into the most popular hunting destination on the continent. It is an equally excellent choice for a first time safari or the hunter to expand his collection from the many game species available. With its varied topography and climate, South Africa provides many hunting conditions which will test the hunter’s skill and offer different challenges from one concession to the next. Askew and Maartens Safaris (A&M) operates from some of the finest concession areas in South Africa. The diverse terrain allows for many different species endemic to certain areas of the country and thus we offer safaris throughout South Africa so as to attain the best trophy possible during your safari. We provide professional, tailor made safaris.

Accommodation varies from thatched chalets to tented camps and all our accommodation meets our high standards. Rooms are en-suite and not shared unless specified by you. Activities for the non-hunter, or observer, are also catered for at all our camps and concessions. Once we have decided on your priority species and what part of the country you will be hunting in I will be able to give you more details on the accommodation to expect whilst hunting there. South Africa is well renowned for its wine and cuisine and our camps maintain this expectancy thus adding to your hunting enjoyment.

Johannesburg has become the gateway to Southern Africa and you can fly to it from many different countries and with many different airlines. Depending on the time of year for your safari the flights can quickly become full and thus the timely booking of your ticket is advised. On arrival you will have to get a visa which is obtainable at customs hassle-free and with no charge. Gun permits into RSA are handled by our staff and issued by the SAPS upon arrival.

Your travel documents should include: passport, rifle documents, customs 4457 form, airline itinerary, shipping instructions for your trophies from your taxidermist. We have found it a good idea to have a file with all of these documents in your carry-on, have an extra copy of your customs 4457 form and your passport. Put a copy of any gun documents and my passport in my gun case where they are easily found by airport officials if needed. Your ammunition will also have to be in a separate case.

Please pack light and bring varied gear and clothes. There is no need for too many of the same items. All outer clothing should be dark brown or green. We advise most clients to have a look at our website for suggestions on clothing and equipment needed whilst on safari. The temperature in South Africa is as varied as the terrain; please ensure that you are aware of what area you are hunting and temperatures to expect.

Your trophies will be salted in camp and then transported to the taxidermist/shipping agent as soon as possible. Bring instructions from your taxidermist, many of the taxidermist supply you with trophy tags as well. You will be contacted by the appropriate person when shipments are received.

50% of your Daily rate is required to book your safari. Please ensure that you read all the terms and conditions for South Africa. We will contact you with further payment instructions once required and suggestions for trophy fee deposits. Any money not used will be refunded to you. Please note that tipping the staff is the norm in African hunting camps. It is obviously up to the client to decide if and how much to tip the person but plan accordingly. Tips for the staff and Professional Hunter are typically done in USD. We will provide more information on this topic if needed.

Species – Basically all plains game species are available and of great trophy quality. Dangerous game is limited but available upon request.

Accommodation– permanent fully staffed lodge with individual chalets.

Hunting season – Trophy hunting is carried out throughout the year, but due to the summer heat and rains, most hunting is conducted between March and October, with June, July and August being the most popular months.