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“You have really lost it… this is above and beyond the call of crazy and you have completely lost your mind…” That is what the small, rational part of my brain was trying to tell the rest of my being in 2002 as I boarded a plane to start my career as a professional hunter…

Guns and Ammo that may save your Wallet and the Ass Attached to it

“What gun do you use?” That is the most common question that I get from hunters, clients, and people interested in what I do for a living. It’s a bit of a unique situation to make your living with a gun in your hand. This privilege is reserved for a hand full of professional hunters,…


When most hunters think about losing a trophy it’s because of a poor shot or tough tracking conditions. Few people give much thought to the care and preparation of their animal once it hits the ground. Thousands of trophies are lost each year due to poor field preparation and taxidermy problems. My point of view…

Hunting Plains Game In The African Safari

As long time friends and hunting buddies, Wendell Daniel, Bob McDonald and I decided to make an African Plains game hunt. After checking around we booked a hunt with Nathan Askew of Bullet Safaris. We arrived at Johannesburg on April 29th, meeting Nathan at

Tractor the Cat

It was the end of the season for me, September 15, 2014. I was in Tanzania trying to find a way to get back to the states ASAP. I had had a long but good season. 6 months of hunting in 5 different countries was about all I could take. The longest stint was in…

A Tale of Two Brothers

My brother hadn’t really seemed very interested in hunting for a long time, I would say about 17 years. We were kids the last time we did a lot of hunting together, mainly for whitetail deer in the hills of Van Buren, Missouri. At the time we were both passionate about hunting. We learned how…

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