There are several countries in Africa that allow hunting. There are vast differences in the countries and differences within each country from hunting area to area. All of the hunts that we conduct are legally operated with consent of the government and with legal licenses. All hunted trophies are allowed to be exported as a trophy to your taxidermist for preparation as you see fit (check with your countries import laws as certain animals may have extra paperwork). We believe that hunting should be a benefit to conservation and Africa, support the countries that are interested in the long term future of the animals, and benefit the local people. There are actually very few full time professionals in the business of safari hunting/outfitting, avoid part time guides and ‘too good to be true’ deals on hunts. Africa can be hunted on varying budgets and under most circumstances it is a real value for your hunting dollars in respect to number of animals hunted as well as experience and service.

general info When researching your outfitter and professional hunter (PH) take time to personally speak to an expert on Africa. Talk to both your PH and the outfitter that will be handling your experience. Make sure that you can trust your professional hunter with your life and your outfitter with your money! You should be confident that your chosen safari company will look out for your best interests; not where they can make the most money or where they want you to hunt. Not all safari companies are created equal and there are major differences in what may appear to be similar hunting experiences. Allow us the opportunity to explain and prove to you what sets Bullet Safaris apart from the competition.

You book with us and you hunt with us. It’s that simple. We are not a referral agency or agent; we don’t take a cut of your payment and send you down the line to hunt with another operator or professional hunter. We have the expertise and professionalism to offer you the best experience possible and to tailor your safari to fit your needs. Contact us to realize the difference, our advice is free and we can get you on the right hunt!

We know the real up to date situation in the countries we operate and we clearly transfer the whole story to our clients. After we evaluate your safari goals and what’s important to you, we go to work presenting you with various options. We will tell you the ups and downs of each option and help you to make an educated decision about your trip.

After your safari goals are set we will plan and arrange all the logistics of your trip while keeping you up to date on the details. All bookings are done with an itemized quote and a deposit to our company in the USA. We also assist with travel details, gun importation, airport services, and exportation of your trophies from Africa. The hunt is not over until your animals are back to your home.


Decide which animals you would like to hunt. After that general research please set a budget of what you want to spend on the trip. These are the two most important criteria to start a conversation about your hunt. Then we will pick a location that will suit your individual requirements and continue to adjust the many options until you are comfortable with the hunt.

Tanzania – The finest big game hunting destination in the world. Tanzania has it all! Remote areas, luxury tented camps, variety of species, and quality of animals make this country the premier destination for big game hunting. On average, these safaris come with the highest price tag, but if you are looking for a dangerous game hunt or a full bag safari your money is best spent here. The variety and quality of animals are well worth the cost. Tanzania offers remote wilderness camps complete with private East Africa safari style tents, cooked to order breakfast, picnic lunch in the field, 3 course dinners, hot/cold shower and flush toilet in your private bath, daily laundry, and fully trained staff and waiters.

Tanzania is the best destination for Leopard and Lion hunting. We also have great buffalo areas and a variety of plains game is available on all hunts. Prized plains game animals are available in our areas including: lesser kudu, gazelles, fringed eared oryx, dik-dik, sable and Roan to name a few.

South Africa – Here we can hunt basically any animal Africa has to offer. Practically all hunting areas are privately owned; they are large and fenced private game reserves. The concessions that we hunt in South Africa are very large and offer fair chase conditions; not all operators are as selective in choosing their hunting areas. I have personally inspected all properties and we know which properties produce the best trophy quality for your desired species. South Africa offers the most comfortable and logistically sound safaris. Plains Game safaris are by far the most common hunt that we conduct in RSA. All types of dangerous game are available in South Africa. For most clients hunting the Big Four (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo) in South Africa is not the best way to go. The experience of hunting these animals is better suited to the large government concessions in Tanzania and Mozambique. For quality plains game animals, moderate to easy hunting conditions, variety of activities, ease of travel and logistic, fantastic food and lodging – South Africa is the way to go.

Mozambique – This beautiful country is still on the rebound from its 27 year civil war. The country is now safe and we have been hunting here without trouble since 2003. The people and the government are happy to have us in the country and very helpful. This is not the ideal destination for most first timers to Africa. The areas are big and remote. I personally love hunting in Mozambique! We have consistently taken excellent quality animals out of the areas that we hunt. The Safaris here take extra time and elbow grease. With this being said we prepare accordingly for your hunt in Mozambique. We start the ground work well in advance of your arrival by scouting and pre-baiting. The best hunts offered here are Croc and Hippo combinations and buffalo hunts. Leopard hunting can be good but Mozambique does not offer the density of leopard that our concessions in Tanzania can provide.


Touring safaris are set up with the same philosophy as our hunting safaris. We custom design your trip around your desires. We do not dish out cookie cutter tours, everyone is designed with a single person or group in mind.

From the wine lands and coast of the Eastern Cape to Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River; Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to The Kruger National Park in South Africa, luxury safaris to ‘roughing it’ – we offer it all!

Hunting and touring often go hand in hand. Don’t rob yourself of the beautiful park and natural wonders that Africa has to offer. We set up and conduct multiple touring safaris throughout our season in Africa.

What to Bring On Your Safari

This is a general list and should be adjusted for each individual safari.

One Light Rifle- .270 30-06 7mm mag, .300 Win. Mag., Variable power scope 2x-7x or 3x-9x. 60 rounds of ammunition, we recommend Swift A Frame, or Barnes

One Heavy Rifle (if required) .375 H&H Mag, 458 Rem. Mag .416 Remington or Rigby, .470 N.E, etc., with low power variable scope and rifle sling. 60 rounds of ammunition (30 solids and 30 soft point)

Hard Gun Case, and soft gun case (for transportation in the field)


  • 3 long sleeved cotton shirts, dark green or dark brown
  • 3 pair of cotton trousers, dark khaki or green or jeans
  • Comfortable light weight hiking boot or mostly leather construction
  • 1 fleece or pullover.
  • dark brown or olive drab wide brimmed hat
  • 4 dark tee shirts
  • 5 underpants
  • 5 pair socks, lightweight or medium weight wool
  • 1 pair lightweight leather boots similar to those used for upland bird hunting
  • 1 down vest or wool sweater
  • 1 jogging suit or sweat pants for sleeping
  • dark sock hat, cap or dark balaclava
  • lightweight dark leather gloves
  • dark cotton bandana or handkerchief
  • A Jacket for nights and riding in truck after dark (It can be very cold)

(all clothing should be dark colored, American ‘khaki’ looks white in the bush / laundry is done in the camps)


  • Rifles
  • Ammunition approximately 60 rounds per caliber
  • Ammunition case that is lockable can be a thin plastic case that fits in our checked
  • luggage
  • Hard case that is airline approved and lockable
  • Extra luggage locks
  • Soft case for each gun (thinnest zipper type for storage on the hunting vehicle)
  • folding knife
  • 2 chap stick
  • rifle shell holders and carrier (belt type)
  • GPS (optional)
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • camera and extra batteries and storage media
  • binoculars (your choice, but 8x power are best for most African terrain)
  • Medication and shots. (anti-malarial medications are recommended for all areas
  • outside of South Africa, Check with your MD)
  • Personal travel kit.. Razor, toothbrush, etc.
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Plastic bags (Ziplocs small and large)
  • Extra prescription glasses
  • Skin lotion for wind/sunburn
  • Wet wipes
  • Duct tape
  • Travel Kleenex


  • Travel documents, passport (must have 2 open visa pages minimum), 4457 form for rifles, flight reservations, invitation letter for TZ, Amsterdam gun transit doc if in transit through amsterdam
  • Reading material
  • Phone numbers and invitation letter as needed
  • Money (new 50$ and 100$ for tips / old currency is not accepted at the banks and forex stations in Tanzania)
  • Medical records as appropriate
  • Power connector/adaptor. Type D and G for Tanzania, 230v @ 50 hz.. Type M in South Africa, 230v @ 50hz. Types D or G in Zimbabwe 230v @50hz. NOTE: our remote camps and vehicles will accept American style plugs
  • Journal