Historically this country was one of the best destinations for plains game hunting as well as an excellent full bag dangerous game safari. This came to an end when the Portuguese were evicted from the country in 1975. A long civil war between Frelimo and Renomo supporters started in 1977; this terrible war destroyed the country and unchecked poaching brought this beautiful land to its knees, rendering it one of the poorest countries in the world. The war ended in 1992 and a slow rebuilding process began. Mozambique and the game populations have now made a good recovery mainly due to the efforts of sportsmen like you.

After years of internal struggle Mozambique has settled and this beautiful country is now safe. We have been hunting here without trouble since 2003. The people and government are happy to have us in the country and are very helpful. This is not the ideal destination for most first timers to Africa. The areas are big and remote; however, we have consistently taken excellent quality animals out of the areas that we hunt. The Safaris here take extra time and elbow grease. With this being said we prepare accordingly for your hunt and start the ground work well in advance of your arrival by scouting and pre-baiting.

Conditions with logistics and travel here are still difficult. Many areas are large with low animal density. Mozambique offers buffalo hunts in the swamps, large leopard roaming the interior, along with the best crocodile and hippo to be hunting in Africa. We feel this is a great destination for all hunters but may not be suitable for a first safari. Mozambique offers a great experience in a beautiful but very underdeveloped country.

Travel to Mozambique starts with a flight to Johannesburg South Africa. You will overnight here and then take a commercial or private charter into Mozambique. A malaria preventative is required in all areas. There are many different terrains and climates in Mozambique which add to its diversity and allure to the international hunter – these safaris require area specific attention to your hunting gear – we will advise on a case by case basis.

Species – Lion Leopard Buffalo Crocodile hippo and many plains game. Elephant can only be exported by European and Mexican clients.

Accommodation– permanent fully staffed lodge with individual chalets.

Hunting season – typically from June to November